Brose and DATA AHEAD – A real success story

Brose is not only one of the world’s biggest family-owned automotive suppliers, but with numerous patent registrations it is also one of the most innovative companies in Germany. Brose has been working together with the Nuremberg-based DATA AHEAD AG since 2009 on the development of prototypes. At the upcoming IAA 2019 Brose will manage its flagship car seats with the help of the software from Nuremberg.

Adjusting the car seat with an app, automatically turning or completely folding it – the seat developers of the international supplier work on ideas for the future of the vehicle interior. In order to develop prototypes and exhibits faster and more cost-effectively, Brose relies on the software and know-how of DATA AHEAD: A Software Suite – developed exclusively for Brose – takes care of the communication between control units and sensors, for instance when the “reclining position”-function is activated on an iPhone. The Software Suite is not only used in the Brose idea-workshops, but also controls the exhibits at international automotive trade fairs, such as at the IAA, where it was first showcased in 2015.

Programmed in LabVIEW, the Software Suite is easy to expand and adapts quickly to new requirements using customizable hardware based on compactRIOs from National Instruments. At the IAA 2017 two exhibits were equipped with further developments of the software. As a major innovation, complex transitions between different seat configurations can be set up, which the DATA AHEAD software then processes independently.

The advantages of the DATA AHEAD Software Suite: significant cost and time savings through good scalability, easy and fast configuration, as well as integration of new components, for example via CAN. The solution is based on hardware from National Instruments and the LabVIEW® programming system.

If you would like to get a first-hand experience, visit the Brose exhibition booth at the next IAA in Frankfurt am Main (September 12th-22nd 2019).

Drehende sitze von Brose

Exhibition models at the IAA 2017. The rotating seats are controlled by an app. The seats were also presented in Shanghai (China) and in Detroit (USA).