DATA AHEAD is ready for the future!

We started out in 1999 as young pioneers in the field of Industrial Data Logistics and have continued to develop year after year as a Siemens MindSphere partner to this day. Based on the strong mechatronics background and our numerous projects, we have gained in competence and strength over the last 20 years.

“The change of the company form is the next logical step in our evolution” says Jörg Wolter, Superbrain and new member of the board of DATA AHEAD AG.

The signs continue to show growth and thanks to new formats and platforms, such as the Industrial Data Spaces Association Summit in PwC’s Experience Center, or the MindSphere Partner Meetup, our topic is gaining further relevance and more momentum.

New solutions such as ELASTIC GEARTM, a unique, superior architecture for finding and using data, are becoming increasingly popular. With a free checklist for the Industry 4.0 we give companies a pre-checkup-leaflet, which shows them the possibilities, how to generate maximum value out of their data. These and other product developments are an integral part of our strategy to grow further on one hand and to expand our interdisciplinary know-how on the other.

Our solutions are not empty promises, but help companies not only to use data streams faster and more efficiently than ever before, but also more flexibly and profitably for all formats and sources for their future challenges.

The change of the company form gives us also the opportunity to establish ourselves as a big player on the international market and to be heard outside Germany. We are incredibly proud of our agile team and the many partners and customers who would like to join us on our journey towards the next stage of evolution. To the next projects and the future, cheers!