DATA AHEAD AG from Nuremberg is the first worldwide certified partner of TeamViewer IoT since May 14, 2020. TeamViewer®, a leading global provider of secure remote access and remote control solutions, offers companies with its IoT solution the ability to connect to any type of terminal at anytime and anywhere on the Internet of Things.

With DATA AHEAD, they have landed a proven OT-IT-specialist who has consistently used their industrial know-how in recent years to promote solutions for data logistics. „No matter where you look, from discrete manufacturing to the construction industry – the problems are often the same. Machine data is not available, IT systems cannot speak to each other, queries take so long that nobody can make sensible analysis of their production. We solve these problems with data logistics” explains Ulrich Grauvogel, who takes care of product innovations at DATA AHEAD.

And there are some of them in Nuremberg: In addition to the tasks in discrete manufacturing, DATA AHEAD now also solves problems in the construction and financial sectors. The intelligent on-site power distributor – the result of a collaboration with Siemens and Merz – monitors and documents power consumption, machine conditions and environmental parameters. This protects the builders from high-risk failures and at the same time provides insurance companies with important data for their calculations.

Dynamic value stream analysis is a solution that enables industrial companies to see the effects of changes in the production process in real time. Simultaneously, it serves as a monitoring tool for financial companies when product batches have been pre-financed. Common to all solutions is the acquisition and evaluation of huge amounts of data from a variety of different devices and IT systems.

For Jörg Wolter, CEO of DATA AHEAD, the collaboration with TeamViewer is therefore only logical: „The partnership with TeamViewer in the area of IoT is an important component of our future success. Our customers include leading industrial companies around the world, whom we help to make data usable from millions of different devices at internationally distributed locations in real time. For this we need reliable and, above all, secure connectivity that – and this is what makes the difference – can be easily scaled. TeamViewer has proven in the past that they master this important discipline perfectly and are rightly the leading provider. With our hardware partner Siemens and TeamViewer IoT, we now have a powerful team that can solve current and future industrial problems with our clever data logistics – no matter how big the challenges are.”

The Göppinger TeamViewer AG also sees the opportunities that the new partner offers for customers: „We are pleased to be able to include DATA AHEAD in our ecosystem, a partner who has outstanding expertise in the areas of automation and OT-IT connectivity and has strong innovative capability. We look forward to working closely with DATA AHEAD” said Lukas Baur, Vice President IoT, TeamViewer.