Superior big data technologies

„State-of-the-art Docker container technology, search engine-like architectures based on Lucene™ and the market-leading cloud platform AWS form the basis for our work when it comes to big data. From this, we develop stable software solutions for almost linear data processing with scalable performance right up into the petabyte range. We will be happy to provide you with a personal demonstration of the opportunities and advantages this will specifically offer to you.“

Benedikt Seidl, Full-Stack-Developer


Whether for monitoring of overall plant effectiveness, targeted tracking of product data or for applications relating to development and the management of measurement data: ELASTIC GEAR™, our superior architecture for finding and using data more quickly, ensures the standardization of all data formats and sources without the loss of any raw data.

Flexibly adaptable for your application and even for systems that are older than the digital revolution, thus enabling monitoring, data visualization and data queries in real time. With our core license, we also make these powerful tools available to software developers (e.g. BI, ERP, MES, MIS, OEE).

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Monitoring of photovoltaic systems

Precise evaluations of energy quality and plant status are required in order to optimize cost-effective operation of photovoltaic systems in free-field applications or on house roofs. With the necessary measurement hardware, standard interfaces to the data collectors and the straightforward LabVIEW™ software called PVR Suite, we can provide you with a professional, complete monitoring package for this. Thanks to data encryption, live data and clearly laid-out graphical analyses can be called up via the Internet from all around the world. All yield values, error messages and configurations are automatically saved on our servers. With the aid of our ticket system, it is also possible to simplify the coordination of imminent maintenance work or repairs.

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