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“When it comes to monitoring and quality assurance, you can tell that DATA AHEAD really came into its own with measurement and testing technology. The methods and systems we have refined set new standards in terms of performance thanks to streamlined programming in Python. This is also an important basis for our superior data management.”

Goran Cimin, Full-Stack Developer

Linear vibration analysis

The human ear is capable of perceiving the finest nuances and quickly passes judgment even on subliminal stimuli. Professional electro-acoustics, sound and vibration testing can help you to better meet the expectations of your customers. For example with an attractive sound design that emphasizes the quality of your products. Or by identifying disturbing noises and structure-borne sound and recording, analyzing and evaluating it. Our software solution can do all this and quite a bit more – but not only this, it can also be flexibly adapted to your special requirements.

  • Recording with the aid of various IEPE vibration sensors.
  • Also suitable for moving or rotating systems, e.g. electric motors, sliding roofs, bearings and gearboxes, mechanical closing mechanisms and much, much more.
  • Integration in existing production systems, measurement rigs or laboratories is possible, including links to ERP, database or Intranet systems.
  • Analysis and evaluation of noises, which can be recorded simultaneously in completely different locations.
  • Chronological saving and management of collected data in test plans.
  • Integrated testing through comparison of multiple and individual learning curves or time-variable limit values; including threshold tests and statistical analyses.
  • With simple operation, user management and different authorization groups.
  • Deep learning and machine learning employ learning curve-based principles to simplify and accelerate the analysis of test objects, but they can still be updated for future test object types.
  • Guaranteed traceability thanks to integrated test plan version control.
  • Learning algorithms allow the findings obtained for noise components to be extrapolated to the quality of physical components.
  • Highest data security across the complete system.
  • Tried and tested system that is already being used successfully by renowned OEM manufactures in the automotive industry, including Webasto and BOS.

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Sensor testing

In industrial manufacturing, the so-called teaching process, i.e. testing and calibration, needs to be carried out on sensors in vast numbers. DATA AHEAD has developed an innovative system for this purpose that can calibrate and test up to 40 sensors at once. As a result, whereas a single sensor might have taken 30 seconds in the past, it is now possible to perform multiple tests within the space of milliseconds – absolutely essential in many industries where throughput can be increased by factors of many thousands.

  • Easy integration into existing production lines and control systems via network interfaces.
  • Reliable, repeatable measurement results thanks to high-quality measurement technology.
  • Flexible adaptation and expansion for different products and types thanks to real-time hardware with FPGA connections.
  • Analog signals, output signals and current consumption are all monitored and evaluated, as are various digital values of the bus system.
  • Supports a range of pressure calibrators so that pressures can be accurately defined.
  • Suitable for example for sensors in modern vehicles, building services and other electronics applications.

More information about the Sensor Programming Unit:

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LIN/CAN test system

LIN (Local Interconnect Network) and CAN (Controller Area Network) are typical communication buses in the automotive sector. As a long-standing developer of test benches and test programs for the automotive industry with many years of experience, we offer a solution that enables endurance testing of both LIN and CAN nodes and enables flexible networking of sensors and actuators alike.

  • Tests for functionality, power consumption, stability, EOL (end-of-line) and many more.
  • A tried and tested system that is already being used successfully by renowned suppliers like Brose, Paragon, Bühler and others.
  • Accurate testing of all parts in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Adding benefits for new development projects and for series production
  • Easy handling thanks to NI hardware with standardized API.
  • Highest data security across the complete system.
  • Flexibly suitable for all-around networking in motor vehicles: from fault diagnostics through sliding roofs to control units.

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Endurance testing

So that product quality can be evaluated over longer periods of time and under changing conditions or even under extreme conditions, DATA AHEAD offers customer-specific software based on LabVIEW™. With functions that can be flexibly designed, it can meet the demands of a wide range of industries:

  • Thousands of repetitions with constantly changing test requirements.
  • Automated data collection with detailed documentation of results.
  • If required, equipping of test stations with software and hardware.
  • Keep an overview over the service life of all components and the functional capacity of many different test objects at the same time.
  • Concrete conclusions can be drawn about product reliability and quality.
  • Long-term availability of all raw data for reports and comparisons.
  • Highest data security across the complete system.
  • Proven system that is already being used by renowned customers like Bosch Thermotechnik.

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