Getting ahead in the digital era!

As leading industrial data logistics specialist, DATA AHEAD relies on cross-innovation and practical orientation in order to realize individual concepts and strategies.
Digital transformation will help you improve your performance and make an enormous advance into the future – just like 500+ companies from most diverse industries that we have already successfully supported before you.

How we grow with your demands

DATA AHEAD implements future-proof digitalization strategies based on leading current technologies. As an experienced overall planner, we consult and support our clients in all aspects of implementation. Starting with an individually crafted design concept and ending with the digital transformation of your processes and systems, this covers everything that falls under the umbrella of data collection, storage and processing.

Big Data Management

Do you want to build a completely new digitized system? Or are you planning to retrofit application-specific testing and automation systems to an existing system in order to network it and perform evaluations for management and monitoring of big data?

Take advantage of our comprehensive expertise as a general contractor – not only do we keep a clear focus on the objectives to guide projects to success, but wherever necessary we will also recommend cooperations with the most suitable plant engineering design and construction firms for your project.

Digitizing with a plan – and reaping the rewards quickly

Digital transformation and Industry 4.0 strategies are the smart alternative to e.g. purchasing new machinery. You will be surprised to see how quickly it pays off to implement straightforward and manageable measures.

Digital insight will enable you to improve how you monitor and control processes with targeted measures so that you can profit from maximized production volumes, savings and quality. We will accompany you on this path – as far and as closely as you want us to.

Best-practice consulting for Industry 4.0

  • Analysis of the current, as-is situation
  • Definition of the target status
  • Presentation of alternative potential solutions
  • First steps to your digital road map

Strategic intensive coaching

  • Answers to your questions
  • Clarification of concrete problems
  • Discussion of your ideas and concepts
  • Expert knowledge for specific tasks

Workshop Digital Transformation

  • 1 day of valuable Industry 4.0 input
  • Dos and don’ts
  • Best practice examples
  • Data linking and data security (DIN 27001)

Customers who we have already helped

Industries that are driven by innovation, such as the automotive industry, aviation, energy or medicine, have long identified the huge potential of digitization and automation.

Basically, all manufacturing industries can benefit from transparency that can be verified down to the tiniest level of detail and from achieving the best possible optimization of processes – ranging from heavy industries, which still largely operate without monitoring, at one end of the scale to the strictly monitored food industry at the other.

Power semiconductors

Test bench

Heating systems

Test bench, ELASTIC GEAR™

Process systems


Automotive, seats

Test bench & measurement rig, Trade show exhibits

Automotive, electric motors

Test bench, EoL testing for: motors in aircrafts seats, water pumps, oil pump motors

Blower, heating systems



Sensor systems, Test bench, ELASTIC GEAR™, measuring instruments, plant control systems

Power semiconductors

Test bench, high voltage testing systems



Household and business equipment

Test bench, ELASTIC GEAR™

Power semiconductors

Test bench, ELASTIC GEAR™, high voltage testing systems

Medical technology

Test bench, production plant

Hydraulic systems

Test bench, ELASTIC GEAR™




Test bench



What can we do to move your business forward?

Whether for digitization strategies, testing or automation systems – please get in touch with us for a non-binding initial consultation.