Detect Production Problems 40x Faster

Your Challenge

as plant or production manager

No matter how good your (production) plan is, unforeseen problems such as delivery bottlenecks, machine breakdowns and delivery delays happen every day – even in the most modern production environments.

Most of this is unavoidable, much less predictable. However, what if you could identify issues in real time and so take immediate measures to counteract them?

Production problems are painful

  • Information about problems reaches you too late
  • Troubleshooting takes too long
  • The time window for appropriate measures has already passed
  • Consequential errors can occur
Despite connected machines and the use of enterprise resource management (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and other IT systems, we encounter this scenario in many companies.

Virtually no plant or production manager can say where he really stands with his production compared to the plan. Frequently, problems in production only become known when in-house logistics or – even more annoyingly – the customer calls and asks about the products that should have left the factory long ago.


Many problems in production become known too late.

Our solution

for plant & production managers

With our LEAN Manufacturing Analytics software ‘mSCADA’, you can see in real time (updated every 30 seconds) how your production is running now, and you can identify deviations from the plan.

This allows you to take countermeasures in good time and focus on fixing the problems that are most important to you.


  • recognizes and informs you immediately about impending problems in your production
  • helps you focus on the most serious problems
  • supports you in finding the cause of the problem
  • gives you a complete view of your plant – even in the most complex manufacturing processes
  • helps you find the most efficient of your available options
  • provides immediate feedback on the measures taken
  • promotes a culture of collaboration without communication barriers
mSCADA informs you about problems immediately. So you can react in time.

Our offer to you

With mSCADA, we offer you a complete solution from start to finish. With our practice-oriented know-how, we help you determine the data sources that are relevant for you, including their subsequent connections.

So that you benefit from mSCADA right from the start, we also support you by adapting the dashboards to your individual use-case – with over 20 years of experience in industrial automation and data management, we know what is important.


  • No complex configuration required
  • Flexible data acquisition: manual, automatic, and process data
  • More than 100 protocols available for machine connection
  • All-round support from DATA AHEAD experts

The processed data from scanners, sensors, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other sources are displayed on real-time dashboards. ERP or other databases can be supplied with data from mSCADA.

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