Subcontractor Management & Access Control

Your challenge

in subcontractor management

As a building owner or main contractor, you not only must comply with your legal documentation and proof obligations, but you also are exposed to considerable liability risks. 

Both mean a high bureaucratic and therefore personnel effort. 

The media coverage of violations can also damage your public reputation. 

Therefore, you should not grant anyone access to your construction site who would expose you to unnecessary liability risks and perhaps even endanger your good reputation. 

Our solution

for access control and subcontractor management

Your construction site becomes more transparent and secure with magyr by combining intelligent access control and digital subcontractor management: 

The intelligent access control manages the physical access to the construction site: barriers and isolation systems such as turnstiles only grant access to those who scan their activated RFID card (building permit) at the card reader. The system records who is entering or leaving the construction site at what time. 

The subcontractor management controls the documents and evidence of subcontractors and their employees. Only companies and workers with the necessary and valid evidence and documents may pass through the turnstile or barrier. 

You decide which evidence you require from contractors and subcontractors and their employees. 

Your advantages

  • Increasetransparency and security
  • Minimize liability risks
  • Protect your reputation
  • Simplify documentation 
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Simple and quick analysis of the construction operation

Would you like to make your construction site more transparent and safer? 


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