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Your challenge

Construction site logistics present highly specific challenges. Missing or occupied unloading aids, narrow driveways, cramped space conditions, lack of storage options, and a high level of machine and material traffic are just some of the many logistical issues.

Coordination with the suppliers and the material recipients is time-consuming and in the worst case, insufficient logistics can lead to construction delays.

Our solution

With our construction logistics solution xitavis, materials always come to the right place on your construction site at the right time.

In just a few hours, you have a complete digital image of your construction site, which means that all subcontractors and suppliers can book their time slots for delivery, use of tools and construction equipment independently and conveniently online.

All information, such as installation and access plans or construction site rules, is available online for everyone involved at any time.


construction logistics software


Subcontractors and suppliers can themselves book the time slots for deliveries, the use of tools and construction equipment in the online portal.

Intelligent software and the ability for suppliers and subcontractors to independently book jobs minimizes the construction site operator’s planning effort.


The usual parking problem also has been considered: parking permits for day visitors can be created at the push of a button.

xitavis always knows how many free resources are available.

Areas (option)

In addition, work and storage areas can be managed with xitavis. Space is a scarce resource on almost every construction site that needs to be optimized.

xitavis helps you keep track of the areas that are changing during the construction process and supports the allocation of and accounting for rental areas.

Information center

xitavis also makes important information such as installation and access plans or construction site rules available online for everyone involved. This can minimize the communication and coordination effort with third-party companies.

xitavis shows urgent and current notifications about the construction site or the traffic situation directly to the user.

Build faster

reduce stress

  • Avoiding traffic jams and bottlenecks
  • Reduced downtime
  • Better resource utilization
  • Significantly less effort in the dispatch
  • Real-time logistics control and management
  • Also suitable for highly complex construction sites 
  • Ready to use in less than a day
  • Visual real-time evaluations of all data that you can compile yourself
  • Can be customized according to requirements
  • High acceptance by construction and transport companies
  • Use as an information platform for planners, construction companies and suppliers to control logistics in construction
  • Transparent transport control with minimal effort
  • Over 15 years of experience

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