How we go about moving into uncharted technological territory

The system house DATA AHEAD has been developing and implementing hardware and software solutions for data management and for measurement and testing technology since 1999. Since then, as an early adopter of innovative technologies we have developed a group of renowned clients.
Our expert team – for high-impact implementations with short release cycles – grows steadily, sometimes even in surges. In addition to our headquarters in Nuremberg (Bavaria/Germany), we also have further offices in Zürich (CH) and in the USA in Miami (Florida), which allows us to offer intensive support to our clients in Germany and internationally.

What drives us

We see it as our role to accompany companies as they embark on their journey into the digitized era. We do this with comprehensive advice and individually customized solutions that lead the way in the market.

For example – our superior Enterprise Resource Planning architecture ELASTIC GEAR™, our internal Big Data Platform daqloud™ or tailor-made technology for automation and monitoring. In this way, we manage to make the commercial advantages of pioneering, reliable technologies more accessible and easier to use.

What we have already achieved in the industry

Certificates and qualifications that set us apart:

  • Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • National Instruments CLA (Certified LabVIEW™ Architect)
  • National Instruments CLED (Certified LabVIEW™ Embedded Systems Developer)
  • Siemens PLC Certified (Programmable Logic Controllers)

Activities in associations and research cooperations:

  • Industrial Data Spaces Association
  • series of lectures for bayme vbm (Bavarian Employers’ Associations for the Metalworking and Electrical Industries)
  • cooperation & research with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
  • part of the VDI (Association of German Engineers) standardization committee in the technical division Information Technology MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)
Jörg Wolter

CEO – Can usually be seen riding his push bike – when he is not in the fast lane, pushing into the boundaries of technology.

Roswitha Wagner

COO – Sets the beat as the driving force, miraculously converting chaos into order – including in her spare time, when she loves to dance.

Ulrich Grauvogel

CMO/Product-Manager – An acrobat with words, controller of chaos and fan of ice hockey. Often seen rolling up in a fire engine to ask: “Where’s the emergency?”

René Leichsenring

LabVIEW™-Developer – The longest-serving “explainer” with a “binary accelerator” and astonishing knowledge. In his personal life: Grilling gourmet.

Andreas Scholz DATA AHEAD
Andreas Scholz

Head of Sales – Courageous kids tamer and MTB/road bike rider who goes into overdrive to make our customers more successful.

jens graewe data ahead
Jens Gräwe

LabVIEW™-Developer – An (almost) all-knowing sharer of knowledge, enthusiastic team builder, and a cycling fan of classical music.

Markus Schneider

LabVIEW™-Developer – Talks quickly, codes even faster. As a passionate diver, he loves to get to the bottom of new developments.

kerstin heilberger data ahead
Kerstin Heilberger

Team Assistance – A good soul who looks out for everyone and has a particular penchant for cheese and cats.

Gianluca Dollack

Purchasing – Careful about what he eats, a focused bodybuilder, a helpful craftsman – our man for everything.


Motivator – Generally lifts the spirits provided he is fed dogcakes regularly.

lara goetz data ahead
Lara Götz

Marketing Assistance – Extremely dedicated and committed fistball player in the Bavarian league and “unofficial coach of the USA national team”.

Markus Igel

LabVIEW™-Developer – Our “master of keys”, or “Miguel” as he is also known, he locks up after office parties, loves swimming and manages to never really drown in work.

Bernd Konrad DATA AHEAD
Bernd Konrad

Software Developer – Obsessional reader who is mostly responsible for well-conceived software architectures and, if required, also emotionally supporting our colleagues.

Dominik Duda

LabVIEW™-Developer – All-rounder, always ready for action, and a successful sportsman in the fields of kite surfing, mountain biking and surfing.

Jannik Stehle DATA AHEAD AG
Jannik Stehle

Software Developer Also as a programmer, this groovy progressive rock guitarist sets the stones rolling, and brings harmony into our team.

Sven Stammwitz

Web Developer – Turned his hobby into his job. Likes his challenges just how he likes his guitar riffs: hard and thrilling!

Willy Kloucek

Software Developer – Wants to know – and will no doubt also manage it with ambition, intelligence and a talent for technology – not only as a student.

jan ackermann data ahead
Jan Ackermann

Python Developer – Our IT specialist for creative applications who preferably turns to Metal music and computer games when there is time to relax.

Max Bernwieser DATA AHEAD AG
Max Bernwieser

Software Developer When not sunk in the design process of smart IT solutions, this loyal Ice Tigers supporter is unwaveringly searching for Nuremberg’s best burger.

Your Place

Your Position – your Text

Why we love our location so much

Just sticking to the facts: Nuremberg is at the heart of Europe and offers perfect connections to all traffic routes. The living space, infrastructure and living standards are all attractive.

But the details offer far more to lift the spirits: Here we have one of the most beautiful and historically interesting old town centers in Germany. A pulsating cultural life with creative spaces popping up all over the place.

Lovely beer gardens during the summer months, yet still plenty of green spaces in the city right on our door step. Last but not least, the beautiful countryside of Middle Franconia all around, an inviting region for local recreation and leisure activities.

How we have fun together

A team works better if it is built on genuine cohesion and trust.

This is why DATA AHEAD does not discourage private interests, but instead – wherever possible and of course on a voluntary basis – allows them to directly contribute to team building: whether cycling, running training for the next B2Run, swimming or climbing/bouldering. And most definitely for after-work bar meet-ups, on team excursions and at the Christmas party and summer party that take place each year.

Would you like to join the DATA AHEAD team?

Find out more about our offers, requirements and how it all fits together for you.