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LabVIEW™ Toolkit 



Reading and Writing Excel® files in LabVIEW™.

With the XLR8 toolkit, Excel® files can be easily edited and saved in LabVIEW™ without the need to purchase a license for Microsoft Excel® or to install other software.

Whether for reading reports, creating, formatting or exporting reports or for reading parameters and test results – without prior data conversion, all cell types (strings, numbers, dates, formulas), cell formatting options (font, cell color, data type) and worksheet formatting options (rows, columns, cells) are possible

Thanks to the library “NPOI 2.1”, which has been used extremely successfully for years now to process xls and xlsx files, ActiveX automation is not necessary.


– LabVIEW version 2011 or newer
– Windows version XP or higher
– .NET Runtime 2.0
– VI Package Manager for the installation